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Week in Review: Vancestradamus’s NFL Predictions

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This is Vancestradamus, back, with some NFL-wide predictions this time. I have shown you the visions that were given to me concerning the Cincinnati Bengals already. The visions returned last night to show what is yet to come in 2012 for other teams in the league. Once again, I share these things with all of you. Use this knowledge for good, and not evil…please. Here is what I saw:

Dez Bryant is only sued one time in 2012…by Roger Goodell, who will be quoted as saying “Well, I figured he wouldn’t notice one more, and I wanted to see what it was like on this side of the courtroom for once.”

Victor Cruz ups the ante by switching his touchdown dance from the Salsa to the Lambada. This leads to a lot of TD dances with nobody within  20 yards of him.

Capitalizing on the success of Hard Knocks, Fox begins broadcasting a COPS spinoff called COPS: Live from Lions Training Camp.

After a first round playoff exit, the Steelers file a formal protest, saying the league didn’t properly train the replacement referees to let them win.