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Week in Review: Vancestradamus’s NFL Predictions

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Peyton Manning throws for 40 TDs, 5,000 yards and the Broncos win the Super Bowl. Denver fans still complain that it was a mistake to let Tebow go.

The Bengals beat the Ravens 55-0 in week 1. ESPN doesn’t cover it on Sportscenter.

The Patriots go into the season with 19 wide receivers and 12 tight ends  on the active roster. Belichick starts 16 of them, using them at cornerback, safety, offensive tackle, and kicker. They still go 13-3.

The 49ers acquire and pay Maurice Jones-Drew, who breaks the all-time rushing record, then retires. Jim Harbaugh then gives the job back to Frank Gore, claiming they were never interested in Jones-Drew.

LeBron James goes through with his thought about playing football, signing with the Cleveland Browns. Twitter explodes with people  claiming they’ve been Browns fans their whole lives.

The Falcons win the NFC South, go to the playoffs, then lose in round one. No punchline here, it’s just what they do.

The Jaguars take a cue from basketball and start a new promotion. If they score more than 10 points, everybody gets a free taco. They don’t buy a single taco all season.

Andrew Luck makes the Pro Bowl, wins Rookie of the Year, and wins MVP, which still doesn’t live up to the hype.