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Stripehype Interview with Former Bengals Great David Fulcher

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I’ve always been a Bengals fan, and loved offense. Boomer Esiason, Ickey Woods, Cris Collinsworth down to Corey Dillon, Chad Johnson (not Ochocinco), and Carson Palmer then onto the current group of young players. Like many, I love the big runs, and the long TD passes. However, if I had to pick one guy to call my favorite Bengal of all time, he’d be on the other side of the ball. This guy roamed the secondary, making big plays and big hits with equal success. He struck fear in opposing QBs who had to account for his cover skills, and also opposing receivers, who had to absorb his crushing blows. My favorite all-time Cincinnati Bengal is one of the greatest safeties I’ve had the privilage to watch, David Fulcher.

In a career that spanned from 1986 to 1993, mostly with the Bengals, Fulcher had 31 interceptions, including a career high of 8 in 1989. He was a 1st team all-pro that year. He also made 3 pro bowls, recorded 8.5 sacks, forced 10 fumbles, and scored 2 TDs over his career. Off the field, he was also involved in a lot of chartible activities, and active in the commmunity. This has carried on in this area, even after his retirement. The David Fulcher Foundation was started by he and his wife to aid sufferers of multiple sclerosis and help find a cure. He also runs a football camp in the summer, with the proceeds going to the foundation as well. I got an amazing chance to ask Mr Fulcher some questions that he was gracious enough to answer for I appreciate his time.