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Which Bengals Have Fantasy Appeal?

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1. A.J. Green – Green is the Bengals number one receiver. As this position goes, all first position receivers from every team will eventually get drafted. Green happens to be one of the most talented wide receivers in the draft. However, Bengals fans, he is very easy to overvalue. I have seen him go as early as the late first round in some drafts which is far too high. I believe Green will have another great season this year, but there is much more talent in the NFL that should be taken ahead of him. Granted, he is a solid number one WR for your fantasy team, but I believe that he should not be taken any earlier than the mid-second round.

2. Andy Dalton – Dalton had a great rookie season and put up solid numbers. However, they weren’t solid fantasy numbers. He should improve upon those this year, but he will most likely not be a top tier quarterback or even a second tier quarterback. He will make a great backup to have on your team, or as a second quarterback for those leagues who start two. Dalton should be taken in the mid-late rounds of the draft, and could be a big surprise as he has great upside this season. But, Bengals fans, don’t draft Dalton to be your starting quarterback. Look for a top tier QB early in the draft because those are the guys that will carry your team deep into your fantasy league’s playoffs.

3. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Green-Ellis will get the bulk of the carries this year for Cincinnati and will score the most rushing touchdowns. But, buyer beware. He is in a new system and he will be splitting carries with Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard. He is not in the top few tiers of fantasy running backs, as he has a lower value on him. He is valued at a low number two RB or a number three/swing position player. He should be taken in the mid to late rounds of the draft. Even though he is a ‘starter’ don’t overvalue him because of this.

4. Jermaine Gresham – Gresham should be drafted in every fantasy league this year as I believe he will crack the top 12 fantasy tight ends this season. That being said though, if you are in a 10 team league, he should be drafted as a backup tight end or a situational player where you can match him up against defenses that are poor at covering the tight end position. Gresham should not go very high in fantasy drafts as he is not in the same ballpark as the Gronkowski’s or Graham’s of the league. Look for Gresham in the later rounds of the draft. He could be a steal there if he does have a breakout season this year.