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Week in Review: Summer Downtime Can Be Trouble for NFL Players

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This is the calm before the storm in the NFL. Mini-camps around the league wrapped up last week, and it’s time for the small window of the season where I can learn my kid’s names again, and finally I can get to the honey to do list. Here is the real NFL calendar for NFL experts, training camp, pre-season, regular season, playoffs, scouting combine, free agency, draft, rookie mini-camp, mini-camp and then finally a break.

That’s the scam of the NFL fan. We sell it to the wives that it’s only a 16 game schedule, which is way less grueling than the 82 games of the NHL and NBA , or the 162 of Major League Baseball. I mean 16 is nothing in comparison right? Yeah right. My NFL disorder has me logging more hours watching the combine than the NBA finals. The draft is now longer than a Stanley Kubrick movie, and it’s all good to me.