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Week in Review: Predicting the Season: Fan-style

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I’ve spent the last few weeks, and several columns making predictions. Some, of course, were tongue-in-cheek, and some were actual thoughts. It’s still a little bit early to be making predictions on how the Bengals will do in 2012, but I wanted to see what the perception is among fans on how good they will be. For that purpose, I asked for contributions from other fans across Twitter, and got a great response. The predictions, early as they may be, were overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the replies that I received, and then I’ll give my own thoughts. Feel free to click on any of the names below if you’d like to follow them.

Bggood63 says I love our first seven games. We could easily be 5-2 or 6-1 before the bye week. It all depends on Andy Dalton. With a good start, I could see us going 10-6.

buzzsaw59 says 11-5. Losses to Philly, Dallas, Pittsburgh (away), Baltimore (away), and San Diego. Hopefully Marvin Lewis’s contract won’t be a distraction. Also a playoff win.