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Week in Review: Predicting the Season: Fan-style

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JHNNsports says I got the Bengals going 10-6 this year. I’m a dedicated season ticket holder, but realistic. Could go 12-4, but I’m saying 10-6. Tough schedule for sure with the NFC East, but we have the Giants and Cowboys at home. I think we will play tough in The Jungle for sure.

mikesmith83uk says 11-5. Dalton will prove what a good game manager he is and Jay Gruden is one of the most creative offensive coordinators. Plus, we can beat the Steelers.

Chillin_Krillin says Honestly, we win the AFC North, lose in the Conference championship game. BenJarvus Green-Ellis goes for 1250 yards and 14 touchdowns.

OhioJukeJoint says 10-6. We’re due for back-to-back winning seasons. The team is maturing well, had a great draft, and played well on the road last year.

dely says My (ridiculously early) prediction for the Bengals is 9-7. (dely predicts losses at Baltimore, Cleveland, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh, and at home against Pittsburgh, New York Giants, and Dallas)

BengalDarrin says 9-7 again. Tougher schedule this year, and I think Dalton hits a sophomore wall somewhat.

Lloth says My guess is 10-1 out of the gate, with a 1-4 finish, for a finish of 11-5. Honestly, only two or three of the first eleven opponents are not rebuilding, depending on what one thinks of the current Steelers roster.