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Week in Review: Predicting the Season: Fan-style

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BengalsTalk says he is predicting a 10-6 record for the Bengals this season.

JoeskiBroski says he thinks they will go 10-6 if the team is able to stay healthy.

dustyschmidt22 says 11-5. Dalton/A.J. Green will continue to improve, and the defense carries the team through.

DaRealPaulHenry says My prediction for the Bengals is we go 12-4 or 11-5, speep the Ravens and Browns, split with the Steelers, and win the Super Bowl (he admits he may be biased, but I love this prediction)

GeeSteelio says 8-8, with a tough schedule. The rest of the league will put pressure on sophomore studs Dalton and Green. Devon Still will have an early impact.

Irishfootball11 was the lone pessimist, predicting a 6-10 season.

And my personal favorite: Reid39 says My prediction: 16-0. Why? Because we are going to kick some a**. We are the best. No one has our talent.

As you can see, Bengals fans are as hyped as they have been in a long time. The Bengals are also becoming a popular pick in the media to either win the division or a wild card again. It would be the first time with consecutive winning seasons since the early 1980’s. As for myself, I’m hopping on the hype train. With a full offseason for Dalton and offense to work with Gruden, and a great draft, along with the improvements to the offensive line, I think they are primed to break tradition and have a great season. I predict a 10-6 season, and a playoff win, although I don’t think they’re quite ready for the Super Bowl………yet.

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