Paul Brown Stadium: A Sight To Behold


Named in honor of the Bengal’s first head coach, the 157 foot high stadium displays a magnificent landscape of a proud city. Boasting three levels of seating, Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio houses over 65,000 fans. Ask almost anyone who has attended an event at PBS and they’ll more than likely describe it as an exquisite experience primed with top-notch amenities that supply above-adequate comfort and satisfaction to all. During Bengals home games there is an animal like energy emitted from the fans that can be felt anywhere inside the 1,850,000 square ft. boundaries of the stadium.

Paul Brown Stadium has received national recognition from man critics and architecture enthusiasts. In 2007 an interactive survey commissioned by the American Institute of Architects ranked PBS 101st on a list of America’s Favorite 150 Buildings and Structures. The list included landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the White House and the Golden Gate Bridge, among others. The only sports venues ranked higher were Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium.

PBS is not only revered for its aesthetic qualities and its brilliant views of the downtown skyline and the overlooking riverfront. Although it is 12 years old this year old PBS is on the forefront of field and turf technology. As of this Spring, Paul Brown Stadium joined an exclusive list as the third NFL stadium with UBU Sports, Speed S5-M turf system. 27,150 tires were recycled to construct the 1.4 billion blades of the unique Harmony Fiber synthetic grass that now graces the grounds at PBS. Only the Metrodome in Minnesota and the Superdome in New Orleans have the same turf.

Many NFL teams and colleges are  currently pushing for a new place to play. The Vikings have been going through much hardship to land a new stadium deal and now St. Louis wants one too. Jerry Jones put up truck loads of cash to construct Jerry World in Dallas with that ridiculous jumbotron above center field. Los Angeles is trying to lure an NFL team to their city and have been working on plans for a new stadium. The Georgia Dome will soon be scrapped for new duds as Falcons owner Arthur Blank has recently stated. All of this while a 12 year old stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio is sitting bold and proud as a member of the All-Star team for professional sports venues. Coach Paul Brown would be proud to see what stands today.

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