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Real Football in London

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The idea is not a new one, and the NFL has wanted to involve Europe for sometime now.

If you remember the now-defunct NFL Europe. It was suppose to be a type of minor or developmental league  for the NFL. It didn’t work out too great however and closed in 2007. But even if that league did not work out, it does not mean that fans (money) isn’t there.

There has been three regular season games that have been played in London. Each of them have been huge successes. So much that it has caused NFL owners to want to play two games there a year, a plan that was ruined when the St. Louis Rams, who are owned by the soccer team Arsenal, signed a three year contract to play one home game there each year.

The Rams have been a part of many talks about another possible move. Once coming from Los Angeles, a move back is closer than ever. Would the Rams however decided to ditch the West Coast for the East?

The answer is yet to be determined, but I don’t see the Rams playing many of their games in LA like they are in London.

Everything points to the answer being yes. It would make good business sense to sign a short contract with the city, play there and see how it rolls. But something keeps bothering me about this situation.

And no, it’s not the macho ‘Football is America’s game! It should only be in America!!!!” Because America is also about making a lot of money and big risk still equals big reward.