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Real Football in London

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What bothers me is soccer. If you are not familiar with soccer allow me to educate you (just a little, I promise) about how soccer operates over in Europe. It is by far the most popular sport, and there are a hundreds of different leagues. Each country has its own “major leagues”, then there are lesser leagues that franchises compete in to make it into the major leagues. The top teams in those leagues at the end of the year move up, the teams that don’t get the job done are regulated into even lesser leagues. I hope you get it.

Well, with all of these different leagues in different countries,  it is tough to tell which team is the best overall. So what they decided to do a long time ago is host a major tournament called ‘UEFA Championship League’. It brings the teams from all over the continent to compete in the middle of their regular season. Almost every country is represented, and the top teams in each country gets to play in it. And some say, that America’s teams should try to play in it as well.

But that ain’t happening.

The reason are because of travel cost, tradition and many other things. Quite frankly it is laughed off as a crazy dream to add the American clubs into the tournament. There has to be a reason for that right?

But I am still interested in seeing how this would work out. What division would London be in? Would the travel and being far from home deter players from wanting to join the team? Who would be the rightful owner to the name Big Ben?

I want to see an NFL team in London. I think the dynamic is kind of cool, and the money is there to do it. It may not last, but neither did the Canton Bulldogs. And we have the Hall of Fame up there.
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