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Ghosts From the Past

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From its inauspicious beginnings in Nippert Stadium, to its current, nearly $500 million digs, the Cincinnati Bengals are a franchise with a short, but interesting history. It’s a history that has seen some good times, but also has its share of ghosts. Founded by Paul Brown in 1968, the Bengals started in the AFL, moving to the NFL with the merger in 1970. They also moved from Nippert Stadium to Riverfront Stadium at this time, where they would reside for the next 30 years. In those three decades, the team went through a lot of change, and a lot of turmoil, and if one were able to walk the halls of Riverfront (demolished in 2002) today, it might be haunted by its past. Despite several great seasons, the Bengals have been a team that has seemed cursed at times, and ghosts from the past abound. Let’s take a look back at the spirits that inhabit the history of the Cincinnati Bengals.