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The 1990’s-A Decade to Forget

If a time period can haunt, then the Bengals are certainly stalked by the 90’s. The decade began with the death of a legend, and what followed is a 10-year period that Bengals fans wish would go away. After a 9-7 season in 1990, the Bengals went 47-113 through the year 2000. They lost more than 10 games in seven of those ten seasons, and became the laughingstock of the league. They also made some awful drafting decisions during this time including busts such as David Klingler, Akili Smith, and Ki-Jana Carter. Mike Brown proved to be unable to live up to his father’s standards in the eyes of most fans and Bengal Nation became ashamed, with head-covering paper bags becoming a common sight at games. The coaching during this time was also lackluster with the likes of David Shula and Bruce Coslet walking the sideline. Recent successes have helped fans put this sad period behind them, but the “Bungles” still haunt the grounds where Riverfront Stadium used to stand.

We’ve visited the netherworld of the Bengals haunted past and made it through to the other side. The Bengals are a team currently on the rise, and quickly building something good. Fans are upbeat and the media is starting to notice what’s happening, with a good vibe around the franchise for the first time in some time. It seems as if the future could be bright for a fan base sorely needing some good times. Maybe they’ll even make a return trip to the Super Bowl soon, hopefully against somebody that isn’t the 49ers. They have a new home, a new philosophy, and plenty of new, exciting players to aid in putting the past where it belongs, behind us. But, if you’re in the area where Riverfront Stadium once stood, and get a sudden chill, or you hear whispers even though nobody is there, don’t be scared, it’s just a remnant from the past trying to be heard, so just cross your heart, say Joe Montana’s name backwards three times, and move along.

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