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Sean’s Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide

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Kickers Are For The Last Round

Lastly, let’s discuss kickers very briefly. Do not, I repeat, do not draft a kicker before the final round of the draft. It doesn’t matter how good you think a kicker is. In fantasy football a kicker is a kicker. Just take the best one available when it is your turn to select your final pick in your draft. Chances are you will still land a good kicker. If you are not satisfied with the kicker that you draft, just look to the waiver wire each week and start a kicker against a defense that allows a good amount of points to opposing kickers. If a kicker can get you 10+ points in a week, it’s a bonus. Don’t waste a draft pick on a kicker that you think is greater than the rest. For fantasy purposes, this is a terrible strategy.

That will sum up a few key guidelines about your fantasy football draft for the 2012 season. You may disagree with some of the points mentioned above, and that’s ok. For the most part everyone has a different strategy for their fantasy football draft, and that is what makes it very fun. As an experienced fantasy football team owner (with a good amount of success), the guidelines mentioned above have worked out very well in the past and will continue to work out in the future of each fantasy football season. It is up to you if you want to follow this strategy.

If you have any fantasy football strategies of your own and would like to share, please do so in the comments section below. There are a lot of fantasy football team owners that are constantly looking for the right advice to propel their team to win a championship. Good luck this fantasy football season.

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