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Week in Review: Analyzing The Bengals 2012 Schedule

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Week 12: vs. Oakland Raiders

The return of Carson Palmer. There is no telling how well Palmer will be playing by this point in the season, but I’ll bet it will be better than last year. He will have plenty of rapport with his young, speedy receivers and could provide a potent passing attack. Also, running back Darren McFadden is looking to have a breakout year this season after the departure of Michael Bush to the Bears, and is always dangerous.

What the Bengals need to do: The Bengals need to play solid defense all across the board on this one as the Raiders could have a very balanced offense this season. Luckily the Raiders have a very sub-par defense on paper and the Bengals offense should be able to put up some points. If the Bengals defense can’t stop Carson and company, however, this game could easily turn into a shoot-out.