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John Ashbrook’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds 3-4

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Round 3




Position Ranking

1 A

Roddy White



2 B

Jamaal Charles

, KC


3 C

DeMarco Murray



4 D

Michael Turner



5 E

A.J. Green



6 F

Wes Welker

, NE


7 G

Julio Jones



8 H

Reggie Bush



9 I

Victor Cruz



10 J

Steve Smith



11 K

Michael Vick



12 L

Darren Sproles

, NO


*Denotes Sleeper Pick

Initial Response: There were a few good picks in this round. The first pick that stands out to me is Team B with the second pick taking Jamaal Charles from Kansas City. While the Chiefs offense will be stagnant again this year Jamaal Charles has the speed of a top 5 back and just needs the health fantasy numbers to prove it. Teams D an E both made questionable picks but I had to go this route for both teams. Team D has now taken 3 RB’s in the first three rounds, and while a spot on the bench in a two RB league means wasted plays on the field, it was a risk I felt the D team had to take to justify the 2nd round Matt Forte pick. No one likes wasting a 2nd pick on a contract holdout. After that Team E drafted A.J. Green, whom I feel has more value than Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles, the next two best available RB’s.  The steal of this round though (not sleeper) has to be Michael Vick with the 35th overall pick. When Michael Vick is at the top of his game, an argument could be made for him being a 1st round pick. As much as I cry foul when I’m playing Madden ’12 and somebody picks the 82 overall Eagles against the 91 overall Giants just to be Michael Vick, the man is nothing but potential gold in fantasy football.

Sleeper Pick: Before I start on DeMarco Murray I have to apologize for lying to you for the first two rounds of this draft when talking about sleepers. There are no sleepers drafted in the first two rounds of a professional fantasy football draft. At least, there shouldn’t be any sleepers drafted in the first two rounds of your draft. In the first two rounds many people will take calculated risks, but there is certainly a difference between a sleeper pick, and taking a chance on a great player who might get injured or can’t decide how much they want to get paid before the season even starts. A sleeper pick is either someone who has done relatively nothing up to this point and has greatness coming their way, or someone who is labeled a “has-been” when they should be labeled a “has-left”. A true sleeper pick must meet one of these criteria to be considered for as such for the purposes of this mock draft. Now DeMarco Murray. The dude had almost 1,000 yards last season in 13 games and averaged 7.0 yards a reception. He is the ideal double threat out of the backfield that could make him a top 10, or even a top 5 RB, given the right circumstances. And there you have it. In those 13 games last year he only scored 2 touchdowns and TD’s for a running back makes all the difference between a top 20 and a top 5 RB. In my opinion his fantasy stock truly remains on the shoulders of Jason Garret and how effectively he uses his new weapon this season.