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Week in Review: Stripe Hype Guest Column: Wrong On The Money

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$11.7 million Guaranteed would elate most NFL players when receiving this news, dignifying the hard work they’ve put in, translating to future financial value. However, in the case of Adam “Pacman” Jones, this monetary amount translates into past financial value or what most call revolving debt. As a result of the notorious 2007 incident at The Minxx Strip Club in Las Vegas, a jury awarded (3) plaintiffs a collective amount of $11.7M payable on demand by Jones.  “Financially devastating” as quoted by Jones’ Attorney, Lisa Rasmussen.  And one would have to agree when hearing this outrageous amount of money owed by a player who just signed a one-year deal with the Bengals for $950,000.

Coincidentally, this news came as Jones was summing up how his past indiscretions have adversely impacted him as a man at the NFL Rookie Symposium. It’s quite clear that Jones had turned a corner from this incident that happened (5) years ago, but the past is now once again the present. This is the biggest challenge Jones will face in his entire career. Crumble under the judgment, or again move forward through adversity. The opinion of this man’s character will always be subject to scrutiny, but the talent and impact he has on Sundays continues to be a constant. Adam “Pacman” Jones, whether you’d like to believe it or not, will impact the Cincinnati Bengals bid to return to the playoffs.  Although debatable by many, he’s a shoe-in as our starting punt returner and more often than not will be playing the opposition’s fastest receiver in man to man or spy zone coverage schemes.