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Week in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part 3 – The Ugly

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With the NBA Finals in the rear view, sports highlights become regulated to the pastoral heart of the Major League Baseball season and the random professional golf or tennis tournament, which is little more than a flash new report on Tiger Woods or the Williams sisters continuing their respective trends of inconsistency.  Nevertheless, the football fan inside of us all refuses to remain dormant, seeking out random tweets by our icons on their lazy summer evenings and bit reports on the most benign of issues so that they may hold our attention at the forefront of pressing concerns.  While subtle waves upon the water do not radically change the reflection of team from week to week throughout the offseason, it remains the surface that keeps the media and the public’s attention far more often than any sort of murk or tidal pull lingering just below.  That being said, let’s conclude this series by taking a look at five considerations that await the Bengals organization later rather than sooner.