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Week in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part 3 – The Ugly

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1.  A Funded Front Office

You can’t say that the Bengals couldn’t fill Paul Brown Stadium last year if they gave tickets away because towards the end of the season that’s quite literally what they did.  Regardless, a lot of the assumed backseat-taking done by Owner Mike Brown may have been a result of financial hand-wringing and the realization that he was in over his head under a downward spiral.  Now that the organization is back above water, it will be interesting to see what difference a revenue producing season will make.

If this current set of players continues on it’s upwards trajectory and the franchise’s profits increase, then hopefully the baleful owner will be happy to resign himself to his sky box and leave the majority of the personnel decisions to the coaches.  Still, not even that is enough of a guarantee to put one at ease.  Some may remember that Head Coach Marvin Lewis was given the reigns once before and established a solid core of youth behind the likes of Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmanzadeh almost a decade ago only to have Mike Brown insert a series of imperfect additions, earning the tongue-and-cheek moniker ‘The Redeemer’.  The ego is a dangerous thing, and Bengals fans should be wary of how much ‘ownership’ will return to a winning franchise.