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Vancestradamus’s Fantasy Rankings: TE, K, and Defense

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I’m back for one last trip into fantasy football-land and the rankings to assist your draft and season. I’ll combine tight end, kicker, and defense in this one. You know the drill. Relax, read, enjoy.

1. Rob Gronkowski-Gronk was off the charts last year, and though I wouldn’t expect to see another 17 TD season, with Tom Brady at QB and the offense they run, he should have no problem reaching another 75-100 catches and over 1,000 yards with plenty of red zone chances too. He could be a first round pick.

2. Jimmy Graham-Graham was also astounding from the TE position last year. He just missed the century-mark in catches, with 1,300 yards and 11 TDs. The Saints throw the ball a lot, and he’s the number one option a lot of the time, especially near the goalline. As long as Drew Brees is throwing the ball, Graham is worth a first or early second round pick.