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Championship Rounds: The 7th and 8th Rounds of the Stripe Hype Fantasy Football Draft

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Round 8
Pick Team Player Position Ranking
1 L Darrius Heyward-Bey, OAK WR33
2 K Tony Gonzalez, ATL TE9
3 J C.J. Spiller, BUF RB33
4 I Reggie Wayne, IND WR34*
5 H Santonio Holmes, NYJ WR35
6 G Robert Griffin III, WAS QB13
7 F Mario Manningham, SF WR36
8 E Jonathan Stewart, CAR RB34
9 D Denarius Moore, OAK WR37
10 C Jared Cook, TEN TE10
11 B James Starks, GB RB35
12 A LeGarrette Blount, TB RB36

Initial Response: All right I’ll just go ahead and say it; sometimes I surprise even myself. With the exception of Team C’s pick of Jared Cook with the 10th pick, every one of these teams drafted players with significant upside for the 8th round of a 10 round draft. Team B got a starting RB in Starks, Teams L, H, and F, all got number 1 WRs from their respective teams, and Team G even drafted what could end up being the sleeper pick of the draft in QB RGIII, who could be the next Michael Vick if everything goes as planned for him in Washington. The real response here is I hope you all took notes on this mock draft, especially during the later rounds because these are some of the players who may go unnoticed in your drafts, and experts don’t call these rounds “championship” rounds for nothing. It’s because the only player more important on your team than the starter, is his backup. Don’t give up on your drafts after you’ve got your starting lineups out of arrogance, because you never know who might fall to injury or show up out of nowhere to take your team to the pinnacle of fantasy football greatness.

Sleeper Pick(s): This was by far the most difficult round to select a sleeper pick. After careful deliberation I had to go back to a guy who at one time was the number 1 receiver taken in many drafts, and that man is Reggie Wayne of the now officially “Peyton-less” Indianapolis Colts. I wouldn’t expect Wayne to return to the top of the fantasy WR rankings with the addition of number 1 draft pick Andrew Luck, but don’t be too surprised when he ends up in your starting lineup during the playoffs as he returns to being a consistently productive WR from week to week and perhaps finishes the season a top 15 WR.

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