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Week in Review: Bengals 2012 Positional Pros and Cons: Offense

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In only a couple of weeks, the Bengals training camp will begin and players will practice in full pads. Shortly after that, the Bengals will have their first preseason game. It seems that in very short order, the 2012 regular season will be upon us. At the moment, most of the Bengals roster has been set; with only a few positions still up for grabs. After having a terrific offseason, and a stellar draft, there is a lot of hype around the Bengals and what they may be capable of accomplishing in the upcoming season.

But how set are the Bengals to make a run at the division title? Are they really capable of making a run deep into the playoffs? These are questions that are still being debated by NFL experts and fans, alike. These questions will not be settled for quite some time now and all anyone can really do is speculate. The best way to really get a feel of how well this team will fare in 2012 is to take a look at each of the positions on their team and assess the talent or lack there of at that spot. Let’s take a look at each of the positions and the players that occupy those spots, and view the pros and cons of each. After looking into these roster spots, can one finally make a realistic assessment of what to possibly expect from the Bengals in 2012.