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Week in Review: Alma-Ata Orange

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In many cases college football fans and NFL fans do not cross-pollinate.  Some this stems purely from the geographical locale associated with various schools and franchises; for example, an enthusiast from Arkansas is a pure-blooded Razorback before he’s the bastard step-fan for either the Saints, the Texans or the Cowboys.  Conversely, the New England Patriots reference several States in absence of any University with a half decent shot at a bowl game.  Occasionally there areas like Arizona and Carolina, which have over-arching NFL teams capable of creating a continuum of competitive fervor, beginning with deeply rooted and entrenched collegiate Saturdays, flowing seamlessly and unified into a solid-colored mass on Sunday for collective stadium-based worship.  Meanwhile other demographics are much more simplified by just dismissing the aspects of one system verses the other – the over-paid, over-ruled NFL for the heavily bent and institutionalized BSC system and visa versa.

But if one was too look ahead at prospective roster weaknesses for the Bengals and marry that with collegiate teams laden with NFL prospective players, then in absence of any adherence to an educational institution, a member of the Who Dey Nation may be able to focus his attention during listless autumn Saturdays.  So for your consideration, here are several programs you may want to set your dial to in order to see probable Bengals before they get their stripes…