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The Final 2 Rounds of the Stripe Hype Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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Well folks, the time has come. We are approaching the last two rounds of our mock draft and the war room is looking bleak. A certain amount of excitement surrounds the few owners who have stuck it through to the end and seem poised to make a championship run. Other owners are have given in to the dark side and realize the mistakes they’ve made and are letting their girlfriends proxy and make their final picks for them. Some are so fed up with their abysmal drafts that they forfeit their final picks to the discretion of the commissioner, who promptly makes sure backup Kickers and Defenses are still available. Whether you’re starting to experience the highs or the lows at this point of your Fantasy Football Draft, remember to finish strong and comb the sands of your cheat sheets looking for the possible holes in your lineup and find that player who otherwise would be known as Mr. Irrelevant, who could possibly make the difference on your squad between being a playoff team and a toilet-bowl team.