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Matt Forte’s Long-Term Deal with Bears Imminent, and Dwight Howard-to-Lakers Trade?

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The NHL and NHLPA are in the early stages of serious labor negotiations, but they’re already getting off to a rough start. The NHL’s reported initial CBA proposal suggests that the players should reduce their share of the revenues to 46%, down from 57%, as well as the following:

  • 10 seasons in the NHL before being eligible for unrestricted free agency.
  • Contracts limited to 5 years.
  •  No more salary arbitration.
  • Entry-level contract are 5 years long instead of 3

Hopefully both sides can work out a deal, but as you can imagine, those proposals will not stand with the players and this will be just another major professional sports league heading for a lockout:

Cowboys TE Jason Witten thinks Tony Romo should ignore outside opinions, both good and bad.

Sean Payton was sure the Drew Brees deal would get done

The Jaguars are passing on the NFLs offer to reduce the percentage of tickets sold to avoid a television blackout to as low as 85 percent.

The Titans also won’t take advantage of the league’s offer to reduce the blackout threshold.

The Buccaneers will however take full advantage of new blackout rule

Bears RB Matt Forte remains optimistic a deal with the Bears gets done this weekend.

The 49ers have not made any progress on a long-term contract with their franchise player, FS Dashon Goldson.

The Chiefs and WR Dwayne Bowe are not making progress on new contract.

Former Saints DC Gregg Williams stated at his charity golf tournament in Missouri that he will coach again.

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