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Week in Review: The Drew Brees Effect

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As any long-time Bengals fan knows, the Bengals aren’t in a hurry to spend large amounts of money on a single player. Mike Brown has been derided for his frugality by fans for years, and his negotiating tactics have been questioned ad nauseum. If Dalton were to deliver several playoff trips and, let’s hope, a Super Bowl to Cincinnati, would Brown be willing to open up the pocket book to pay him what he’s worth, or would Dalton be allowed to go elsewhere. It’s often argued that one player just isn’t worth that much money, and maybe it’s true, but can Mike Brown afford to let somebody like Dalton get away? Fans, already upset with ownership would be livid. Let’s hope that situation doesn’t arise, and that Dalton will not only deliver great seasons for the Bengals, but that he’s here for a long time. If not, it just might be Drew Brees’ fault.

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