Week in Review: Random Bengal Thoughts


Making it rain? – I was shocked to hear about Adam Jones million dollar weekend. If a film-maker was smart he’d be getting the rights to that weekend ASAP! Think Brewster’s Millions meets Hangover. My only question about “Making it Rain” is what denomination they use. Is it ones, five’s, ten’s, or twenties? I could never do that. Best I could do is making it hail, by throwing nickels. I hope they went over this at the rookie symposium.

Bengals charge $10 admission for pep rally – Season ticket holders were given a special invitation to celebrate the first ever Cincinnati based training camp. Should it be free? This is debatable. If you want a Coke and some Goobers at a movie theater, you’ll pay $8. This will be a concert and a Bengal pep rally including alumni players all for $10. I think it’s a nice gesture. The organization will pay more than they get back. Give Brown a break. This is better than the free popcorn gesture to season ticket holders. Be grateful it’s a $10 concert. Rumors were swirling that Mike Brown was going to have a drawing where for $50 a ticket you could win an afternoon of sitting in his office and listen to his favorite Pat Boone album. So be happy it is what it is.

Jermaine Gresham gives $100 to homeless man – A homeless man seen that Jermaine’s meter was about to expire and put 50 cents in it to prevent it. To return the kindness Gresham gave the homeless man $100 for doing it. This sure beats past offseason Bengal stories of arrests and troublesome behavior. It was pointed out on Twitter that if this happened in Kentucky, Jermaine would have been charged with assaulting the homeless man’s palm with a hundred dollar bill.

Chad Ochocinco gets married – In a match made in reality television heaven. Chad Ochocinco got married to Evelyn Lozada from the show Basketball Wives. I will be shocked if the number of months they last will outnumber the number of receptions Chad had with New England 15. I wish him the best though. He is truly a great guy, and the fact that he flew recently widowed Cheryl Minton out to his wedding is another example of how good this guy’s heart actually is. Marvin should have gone to the wedding. Chad Johnson had a huge part in the revival of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Couple of weeks away – Training camp is a few weeks away and all of the stories will be ramping up. Our Bengals are walking the straight and narrow, and will be ready to go into a great season. So sit tight and get ready. We are only 8 weeks 6 days away from the start of a tremendous season.

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