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Week in Review: Reaction to Cosell’s Top 5 Wide Receivers

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Cosell then gets to his rankings, and this is where Bengals fans will be ecstatic.

"Here my top five: 5. A.J. Green 4. Steve Smith 3. Larry Fitzgerald 2. Calvin Johnson 1. Andre Johnson"

So, now it’s time for the rebuttal of Cosell’s article. Bengals fans may not be as happy with me as they are with Cosell right now, because A.J. Green should not be on this list. Green is a talented wide receiver and can be one of the best in the league. He certainly has the skill set, he makes all kinds of highlight reel catches, and had one of the most explosive rookie seasons for a wide receiver in recent memory. However, this top 5 ranking is something that he can work up to this season. It is not a place where he belongs…yet.

There is one other receiver on this list that doesn’t belong: Steve Smith. Smith is another great talent and with Cam Newton under center in Carolina now, his career seems to have been revitalized. However, Smith is on the back end of his career and is not the receiver he once was. He is still explosive and can make great plays in space, but there are other receivers out there who simply are better at this time. Smith should be poised to put up some great numbers again this year being that he is the only legitimate receiving threat in Carolina, but does he really belong on a top 5 list? No.

The other three wide receivers that Cosell has on his top 5 list are completely agreeable except for the order in which they appear. The remainder of the list is Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and Andre Johnson. All three of these receivers belong in the top 5 of NFL wide receivers as they consistently put up great numbers each and every year (barring injury) and are large enough threats that opposing defenses have to create a game plan to figure out how to stop them.