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Top Ten Worst Monday Night Football Bengal Moments

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While flipping channels last night I stumbled upon the NFL Networks Top 10 Gutsiest Calls. I don’t even know where it ranked, but there was an ex-Bengal on the list. In the 1990 playoffs, Gary Reasons got the snap on a fake punt and got a first down, and the Giants went on to beat the 49ers.

I will always remember Reasons as the guy who tugged Mike Shula’s baseball cap while Shula was trying to correct him on a play during a beating on Monday Night Football. It made me think of the 10 worst incidents for the Bengals on Monday nights.

You could read below and think I’m being negative, but I disagree. I believe that the bad times are behind this franchise, and expect many positive historic Bengal moments led by Dalton and Green starting in September, but until then………….

#10. 11-13-1989 Houston 26 Cincinnati 24 – Boomer Esiason was out-dueled by Warren Moon in a shootout. Looking back on the season and this win would have gotten the Bengals into the playoffs.

#9. 12-25-1989 Minnesota 29 Cincinnati 21 – 1989 was an up and down season, but coming off of a Super Bowl. This would have prevented the future streak of not making the playoffs in back to back seasons that we hear about today.

#8. 10-1-2007 New England 34 Cincinnati 13 – This game illustrated that the Bengals were boys among men. The low point was rookie safety Chinedum Ndukwe playing linebacker. This game ended the season, and it was week 4.

#7. 12-20-1982 – San Diego 50 Cincinnati 34 – I believe that this game inspired Tecmo Bowl. In 1981 the Bengals owned the Chargers, so this was a huge revenge game for San Diego. Dan Fouts lit it up. He threw for 501 yards. Thank God he threw two interceptions, or they would have scored 64.

#6. 11-28-1983 – Miami 38 Cincinnati 14 – In 3rd grade I sat in class and couldn’t quit staring at my NFL lunchbox, dying for the BengalsDolphins game to start. It felt like I was staring at a calendar in June waiting for Christmas to start. That’s the first time I seen Dan Marino, and hated him ever since. Besides a sweet Anderson to Curtis 80 yard touchdown, the game was miserable.

#5. 10-21-1991 – Buffalo 35 Cincinnati 16 – Jim Kelly’s five TD’s put the official stamp on the end of the Ickey Shuffle Super Bowl era. This dropped Cincy to 0-7 ushering in the dark days.

#4. 12-18-2006 – Indianapolis 34 Cincinnati 16 – Colts lost 2 straight coming into this game, and at the time they could not stop the run. The Bengals just had to win one of their final three to make the playoffs. It seemed like handing the ball to Rudi Johnson 45 times was the answer, but in usual Peyton fashion he dismantled the Bengals 29-36-282-4-0. Staying up late on Monday obviously had an effect on the worst long snapper in team history. Brad “Butter Fingers” St. Louis.