NFL Arrests Reach 14 Since Mini-Camps, yet Bengals are Staying out of Spotlight


It is the most dangerous time to be a NFL player with checkered past.

It seems that during the break between mini-camp and training camp, when idol hands need something to do, they involve getting into trouble which smears a league with so much good. While players are hosting camps for at risk youth or helping out their communities in other ways, knuckle heads either drink or drive or drive while showing a gun to another driver and get all the attention for it.

Coaches are now begging for this period to be over, some are asking players to come in early and prepare for the season. They are attempting everything they can to keep the players smart while their hands are empty with nothing much to do.

Here is a quick run down of players that have been arrested from 2009 to 2012, included in this report is a Bengal’s cheer leader who was caught having sex with a underage boy…gross.

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has his hands full this off season. While Bounty Gate just seems to go on and on and on, in the last six days four players have been arrested. Their crimes range from traffic tickets to DUI to assault.   He also has yet to act on many players who’s crimes where committed before mini-camps even begun. Take Bengals middle linebacker Rey Malualgua, who in February got in a bar fight. Nothing has come down from the commissioner yet about it, and everyone around here hopes it stays that way.  Who knows, maybe it will just be forgotten (not likely).

Despite seeing Rey’s bar fight incident, its relieving to see that of all of these arrests, the Bengals have been one team that has avoided the negative spotlight its brought with it, given that from 2006-2011, the Bengals were the majority of the negative spotlight when it came to off-the-field problems, whether it was from players getting arrested, to players like Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens’ antics that were clearly distractions to the team. We didn’t see or hear that last season, and have avoided it thus far going into the 2012 season. There’s clearly a new mentality in Cincinnati that stresses character, integrity, and dedication to winning, something Bengals fans can finally be proud of.

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