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Week in Review: Despite Bengals Success, Other Teams’ 1st-Rounders Still Unsigned

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It is obvious to all that the new collective bargaining agreement is much better than the old, especially when it comes to rookies and their pay scale.

Instead of asking for 40 million dollars before ever taking a snap in the NFL, rookies are now signing quicker and for less. This past week, second overall draft pick Robert Griffin III signed a four year deal to the tune of 20 million dollars. The Cincinnati Bengals have long since signed their draft picks, the 17th overall Dre Kirkpatrick for $8.6 M and 27th overall pick Kevin Zeitler for $7.54 M.

However, despite the majority of players already have signed, there are 11 who still have not. Of the 11, 6 of them were top ten draft choices. The names go as followed.

Trent Richardson (3rd draft pick)

Owner of fellow Fansided site and my acquaintance (Despite being a Browns fan) Steve Dimatteo of has the lowdown of how his negotiations are going. It appears that he, much like other players in Richardson’s situation are waiting to see how the other players contracts are. The waiting game maybe over with RG3’s signing.

Matt Kalil (4th draft pick)

Researching for his contract issues, I stumbled upon this article from ESPN written by NFC North beat writer Kevin Seifert. It’s not overly long nor complex, but does a good job explaining why  Kalil and other top draft picks are not signed. It appears that the wording of the contracts are very important with the new CBA, and teams do not want to be responsible for anymore money than they have to be (obviously)

Justin Blackmon (5th draft pick)

His reasons may or may not be similar to others. After the DUI he received earlier in the year, the Jaguars are surely trying to protect themselves if the kid has any further problems. The last thing they want to do is give the guy 15 million dollars and he goes and gets himself killed. Right now they appear to be waiting and letting the waters settle before they make the big deal.