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It’s Almost Time

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It’s been nearly six months since the 2011 NFL season came to a close with the New York Giants crowned as champions. Somewhat unexpected, they got on a roll at the right time, and Eli Manning and company won their second Super Bowl ring. As always, football fans immediately went into withdrawals with no games to occupy their Sundays (and Mondays along with some Thursdays and Saturdays). The offseason has plenty for the hardcore fan to busy themselves with: the combine and draft, free agency, and positional battles, along with mini-camps and training camp. In between, fans can watch replays of games from seasons past, or just chat with other fans for their football fix. Nothing, however, replaces live game action.

Now, as the long, hot days of summer drag inexorably toward their apex, the oasis that is the beginning of the season is on the horizon. Teams stand just one week away from the opening of training camp, and a few short weeks away from the opening of preseason games. Fans, who have been biding their time for the past few months are in the process of gearing up for another year. New jerseys are being purchased, fantasy leagues are being set up, and the trash-talking has begun. The offseason, which seems like a marathon to die-hard fans, has become a sprint with the finish line in sight.