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In the NFL, each season is one of possibility for every team. It’s part of the greatness that is football, nobody is eliminated, and everyone legitimately feels they have a shot at the beginning of the year. Every team is undefeated, which only increases the buzz. Predictions are made, and opinions given, but anything can happen in a given year. For the Giants, 2012 will be an attempt to be the first repeat champion since the New England Patriots nearly a decade ago. For 31 other teams, 2012 will be about hope, about improvement, about a shot at redemption. A new season, for a team, is a shot at greatness, and for individuals, a shot at immortality. Players will pour their blood, sweat, and tears into the 2012 season, and fans, in return, will give our undying support and loyalty to them.

Like every other football fan, I find myself more excited for the season to start with each passing day. I long to see a running back dance through the smallest of cracks to race for a 60-yard touchdown. I can’t wait to see a quarterback avoid a 300 lb freight train by a fraction of an inch, then turn and fire a laser to a leaping receiver for a score. I pine even to see a kicker, with a second on the clock, line up and deliver a 50-yard field goal for a win. I’ve grown tired of hearing about DUIs, concussions, arrests, and lawyers, and am ready for play clocks, yards, sacks, and touchdowns. I’ll be on my feet for every big play, and on my knees for every tough loss. Get the fields lined, the endzones painted, and the helmets strapped on, the season can’t get here soon enough. I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s that time again, time to put on your team colors, time to fire up the tail-gating, time to get your tickets. Is everybody else prepared for the start of the greatest sport of them all? Is everybody else hyped to get to see who is ready to step up this season? Simply put, “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!” I know I am.

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