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Since then, this tweet has been deleted from Kirkpatrick’s Twitter account. It has been multiple days since anyone has seen a Bengal on Twitter, so it appears that Lewis’ rules are in effect and working.

Just today, news came out of Jaguars camp that the team would fine any player $10,000 for tweeting about any injury. It seems that Kirkpatrick may have not only started a Twitter injury catalyst in the Bengals organization, but it seems to be affecting teams across the NFL as well. It would be no surprise if more NFL teams followed suit in the near future and began imposing their own sanctions against their players in the same regards to the Bengals and Jaguars.

Long gone are the days of the divas in Cincinnati. Chad Johnson (yes, he is Johnson again) is now in Miami, and other former players known for their antics are also either on other teams of out of the NFL. Clearly, however, Marvin Lewis is still concerned about his team’s conduct off the field and wants to keep a close eye on what they do. This is not a bad thing. Even though the players on the Bengals roster are generally modest, it only takes one slip up to bring that dreaded negative media attention back to the Bengals. As a Bengals fan, you know very well that the media is salivating at the opportunity.

After what has happened this off season with all of the player arrests, it is difficult to argue Lewis’ point on the actions he has taken. Bengals players will be back on Twitter eventually, fans will just have to wait. I’m sure after seeing what has happened this off season to teams such as the Lions, Vikings, and Saints, Bengals fans should be ecstatic that this is the most of the team’s troubles at the present time.

All of the Bengals players should be commended for the way that they have kept themselves out of trouble this off season and allowed the negative media attention to focus on other teams. This is just one step to try to keep this trend in fashion in Cincinnati. Embrace the Twitter blackout and watch the Bengals create a media stir for all of the right reasons.

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