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Stripe Hype Exclusive Interview: Justin Hilton

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Growing up, what football player did you look up to the most and want to emulate as you grew as a football player?

"Growing up, I always watched guys like Deion Sanders and Randy Moss. I know they are a little different but overall they have fun and it shows. It’s a kids game and everyday that I’m able to compete and run around with the guys is a blessing in itself"

What do you feel is your greatest strength(s) as a football player?

"Throughout my career in college I was used to take the tops of defenses and take advantage of defenses putting an extra guy in the box using my speed."

Heading into training camp, what do you feel you need to improve on the most to make an impact in the NFL?

"I feel that Coach (Jeremy)Urban has been one of the best things that’s happen to me since I’ve showed up to work in Cincy. He really takes pride in developing his wide outs and as one of his players I can tell a difference in myself and others. I feel that I need to continue to develop and keep working towards becoming a “Polished NFL receiver”."

Who has helped your transition to the NFL the most since coming to the Bengals?

"Along with Coach Urban the veteran guys like AJ, Tate, Armon, Hawk, Shipley, and Whalen have all done an excellent job with sharing information and making us new guys feel apart of the group. These are guys that are actually doing it and have a first hand outlook on certain things that really help out. Great group of guys that make it fun coming into work everyday and guys you want to play with. They are pros."

What NFL player, past or present, do you now model your game after?

"I try to take little things from several people when watching film. Every player has their own swagger or style of play. It also helps having a guy like AJ in practice everyday!"

What is your favorite football memory?

"I get asked this question a lot and honestly it’s the guys you go to battle with.. You learn about them, sweat with them, every one fights towards a common goal and it’s what you wake up sore everyday. For the guy next to you."

You were born in Baltimore. What would it be like to make the roster and your first NFL game be against the Ravens in the city you were born in?

"Making the roster is something an undrafted free agent needs to do as it is my goal overall this offseason … It would be a great experience to play in Baltimore and I’m sure I would have a lot of family at the game."

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