Week in Review: Cincinnati Fans Have Been Through A Lot


If you are a fan of both pro Cincinnati teams, you have heard enough about knees.

Cincinnati sports teams are trying to get off their knees and compete for the first time in 20 years together. They have spent most of the last two decades below franchises like the Pittsburgh Steelers and St. Louis Cardinals, but now they are starting to fight to their feet.

Of course growing pains are gong to happen, and the knees seem like a prime spot for it.

A week and a half after Joey Votto was sent to the Major League Disable List because of a torn meniscus, fans received news that their football team’s number one draft pick Dre Kirkpatrick also had a knee related injury.

Most people were upset. At first it was said that they had broken his leg, then he fractured it. He had to miss 4-6 weeks, then 3-4. All these rumors were circling for good reason however, because of a tweet he sent out to fans.

The tweet seems like he injured himself doing something stupid, but instead it appears now that is not the case at all.

He got hurt getting ready for training camp. It is now clear that Brad Johansen is correct and he has Osgood-Shlatter Syndrome. It happens when someone hits a growth spurt but does not give his/her legs a rest. It is also very common in young athletes.

In other words, his biggest crime was having a work ethic and growing.

However, how can you blame Cincy fans for panicking? Right now is a really, really good time to cheer for the Red and Orange. The Reds seem to be doing pretty well without their NL MVP, and hopefully that continues.  And right now it seems like they avoided a horrible injury that would land their top pick on the PUP list.

This is very strange. Usually, when bad things happen it is devastating to Cincinnati teams. It seems like though, both franchises are pulling through with flying colors this time around. It feels like everything is going to end up working out. It feels that everything is going to be OK.

That is still to be determined. No one can blame a fan to be cautions,  but right now there is no reason to be negative. A positive spin always seems to be just around the corner.
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