Face it NFL, Roger Goodell Is The Boss


Drew Brees is the latest NFL player to complain about Roger Goodell’s hammer, but the real question is. How many times do you have to get the belt for sneaking dad’s car, until you quit sneaking dad’s car? How many arrests, shootings, and scandals need to take place until you actually get what Goodell is trying to do?

He’s protecting the shield dummy! There is another past time this country has besides watching the NFL, and that is putting something on a pedestal and then tearing it down.

The NBA was once media darlings with endless publicity being put on Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. Then retirement, manufactured stars, and a cancelled season devastated the sport. Now the focus is on bad attitudes, tattoos, and a horrible salary structure. What happened to “NBA –Fantastic? ”

How about baseball? The cancelled season took a huge toll on MLB, but it was said that Mark McGwire chasing the home run record saved the sport. Then it was Sammy and Barry hitting like they played for the Gas-House Gorillas . Then the rampant steroid abuse story hit, and it devastated the league.

The NHL had a cancelled season as well. Now days the NHL is so far down the dial, by the time you find a game you’re into the channels that begin with letters.

There are lessons to be learned from the other sports. Labor disputes and arrests will kill the popularity of the league. He HAS to crack down. Obviously guys don’t get it, or there wouldn’t be the ridiculous amount of arrests that happen throughout the year. All of these players sound like teenagers who can’t understand why they got their cell phones taken away for trying to burn down the garage.

These players will want the league to keep growing when they are enjoying their retirement benefits. Things like the video-taping and the bounty scandal don’t just mess with the integrity of the NFL, they could negatively impact the legitimacy of the league. The thought of a fixed game would kill the sport we love.

The cleaner you keep the NFL, the longer the labor peace. The more money you’ll have to last you into your golden years. Get on board. You’ll understand when you’re older.

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