Comparing Bengals Rookies To Poker Hands

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Four Of A Kind – Mohamed Sanu

When you hit four of a kind in poker, you can do just about anything you want. It is very, very rare that a player holding four of a kind will lose in any given poker hand. Mohamed Sanu, the third round selection out of Rutgers is holding this hand. Sanu has this hand because he can do exactly what a player with four of a kind can do – anything. During training camp, Sanu has lined up with the first team in the number two position and also in the slot position. He has shown some great toughness, fantastic route running skills, excellent hands, and the surprising ability to go deep. Sanu is turning into that all around receiver that Bengals fans had hoped to acquire in the 2012 draft. He has not disappointed and instead he has been turning heads at training camp.

Straight Flush – Dre Kirkpatrick

A straight flush is a winner almost every single time the cards a dealt. The only way you can possibly lose is if another player has a higher straight flush than yourself. Dre Kirkpatrick holds a very high straight flush. He is an injection of youth into the Bengals secondary that was so badly needed. Kirkpatrick has all of the skills to be one of the top corners in the league one day. His recent injury is a bit of a setback, but he will be up to speed early into the season. Once Kirkpatrick can get a grasp of the off-man zone coverage schemes that he was not asked to utilize in college, he will be a complete corner and will always be a threat any time he gets close to the football. Kirkpatrick is a straight flush, and a straight flush is almost always a winner.

Royal Flush – Kevin Zeitler

If you have a royal flush in poker, you are absolutely unbeatable. There is zero chance that you will lose your hand. Rack up the chips, my friend because you are in the money. That is exactly what the Bengals are in after picking up Zeitler in the first round of the 2012 draft. Zeitler is an amazing physical specimen for an offensive guard. He is big and he is capable of pushing around some overbearing defensive tackles. Zeitler will certainly be the opening day starter at the guard position as he continues to get better each day he practices with the team. The Bengals run a similar offensive line scheme as that of Zeitler’s college team, Wisconsin. There is not much of a learning curve for the Bengals newest guard, as he only really needs to adjust to the speed of the game. Zeitler is most definitely a royal flush because that is a hand that will take care of you for a long time. Zeitler will most certainly take care of helping to anchor the Bengals offensive line for a long time as well.

All of the cards have been put on the table and the chips have been distributed. The next hand is about to begin – the preseason. Bengals fans will have to watch these preseason games and determine which of these players have improved that cards that the currently hold and which of these players may fall into a poker cold streak. Stay tuned to the Bengals off-season activities to find out.

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