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Bernard Scott and Brandon Ghee may miss Preseason


The Bengals haven’t had any huge injuries this training camp (knock on Wood). But yesterday, youngster corner-back Brandon Ghee left the field with a possible mild wrist injury. Marvin Lewis called it an “owie”, and all but said that Ghee won’t be able to play in the preseason. A heartbreaking blow because he is said to be the most improved player on the Bengals roster from last year. Also we need his youth for the future of the Bengals secondary, without him, the average age of the Bengals corners is over 30.

Will the coaches keep him even though he likely will not get any playing time this pre-season? I would hope so, but who to cut? The other significant player that received an “owie” was 4th year running back, Bernard Scott. He was seen wearing a light air-cast during practice, which is also unfortunate because he needs more experience in the Running Back By Committee. But Head coach Lewis didn’t rule Scott out for the entire preseason.

Scott frankly doesn’t have to worry about his spot on the roster, Ghee however, is not as fortunate. Let’s hope he can have a quick recovery to get ready for at least some preseason action.

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