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It’s Opening Day Bengals Fans! Well, Sort Of.

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All right, maybe this is a little premature. For the most part, Who Dey fans only have one date circled on their calendars and that would be another month from now when the regular season kicks off for the Bengals against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. Though I’m going to go ahead and betray the fundamentalist thought that because preseason games don’t count in the record books, they don’t matter.

This game tonight at Paul Brown Stadium against the New York Jets means more than a win or a loss. This first preseason game is a chance for Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff to get a better feel for how his young team is going to perform this year in certain game situations. He’ll have a better look at the WR’s to see who might be more productive and capable of starting opposite of A.J. Green this season. The coaches will be able to see how to make substitutions when guys are getting tired on defense.

Most importantly, the coaches can now begin to evaluate this year’s rookie draft class and see how much bang we got for our buck. The bottom line is the preseason matters, maybe not on the scoreboard, but in how the team starts to prepare for Week 1 of the regular season. This game might look ugly on paper tomorrow morning as mistakes will be made, but as long as Marvin Lewis makes the adjustments that better prepare this team for the long haul of a 16 game regular season then I have no problem with this team going 0-4 in the preseason.