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Week in Review: Stripe Hype Player Preview: Geno Atkins

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When Pro Football Focus released their top ten defensive players in the NFL at the end of the 2011 season, they ranked Atkins #10, as well as ranking him as the best pass rushing defensive tackle in the NFL. It’s time everyone took notice of Atkins and all that he’s done in just two years in the NFL. While he has played on a team that’s had most of it’s games blacked out the past two years, he deserves the recognition he’s now starting to get, and there’s no reason to not expect him to only be better next year. His abilities as an undersized DT to consistently beat offensive lineman and play in opponents backfield constantly resembles that of what John Randle did for Minnesota. The 6’1, 287-lb defensive linemen, went undrafted out of college, and ended up in the NFL Hall-of-Fame due to his ability to pressure QB’s relentlessly. Through his first two years, he had 12.5 sacks. Through Atkins first two seasons, he’s amassed 10.5 sacks.

Atkins is undoubtedly the teams’ best defensive player, and arguably the best overall player the Bengals have, and his impact on the defensive line will be a huge factor in who wins the fierce AFC North.

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