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Stripe Hype Player Preview: Bernard (Barnyard) Scott

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Ever since I can remember (2002), the Cincinnati Bengals have not had a true opportunity to use a running back by committee / change of pace back field approach that quite a few teams around the NFL use now-a-days. Now grant it from 2002-2007 the Bengals had a very dependable running back in Rudi Johnson; however, he is long gone, and since then we have not had a back that has been able to have the same success in the running game that Mr. Johnson had in his day.

We did have Cedric Benson, who has recently signed with Green Bay, for a short while. He did serve us well for a couple of years, don’t get me wrong, but he was a selfish back. Because of this, and lack of enforcement, on Marvin Lewis’s part, we were not able to trickle in a back to give Benson a rest, or even change the pace of the running game towards the opposition. Bernard (Barnyard) Scott was/is that back, whenever he decides to return from his injury (hand).

Now that Benson is out of the picture, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis is in, Marvin Lewis and Jay Gruden now have a less selfish back to give Scott some more opportunities to show what he has. In-fact, Scott has the best opportunity he will have in a long time to prove that he has a spot on this team. Because Green-Ellis is willing to split carries, and the fact that their running styles are so different that they compliment each other, Scott should see defenses with less agression due to the lack of them being able to predict plays.

Last season, Scott was the only back we used on a regular basis that would/could catch out of the back field, besides the ever clutch Brian Leonard. So when he would come in the game, it was most likely to be a passing play, or passing situation. Now with your starting back in Green-Ellis, whom can catch as well, you can add more running plays, or deceptive passes in for Scott to handle; and with the defenses less agressive, it should open up some bigger holes for Scott to produce.