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Week in Review: Bengals/Falcons Recap of Starters

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As for the running game, it is hard to judge without BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Bernard Scott in the lineup. The Bengals didn’t always look great running the ball but when they needed a short yardage first down they gutted it up the middle and moved the chains. They needed that badly last year and they executed with a bench player at RB in Brian Leonard and an offensive guard in Clint Boling who started the year on the second-string. This was crucial.

The run where Leonard fumbled the ball actually looked promising before he lost the rock. The offensive line set their blocks perfectly and they, along with Dalton, baited the defense perfectly. The Bengals caught the Falcons speeding and in their over-aggression the Bengals were going to make them pay. I hope to see that again, without the fumble, of course.

Overall the Bengals looked like they can hang with any team in the NFL. It will be interesting to see how they close these games out during the season. The Bengals (9-7) only losses last season came against playoff teams.

A few more notables:

Mohamed Sanu got a TD reception to give the Bengals a lead in the 3rd quarter.

Marvin Jones snagged 40+ yard catches in back-to-back weeks.

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