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Could Bengals sign Jonathan Fanene?


The Patriots released former Bengals defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene yesterday, and immediate speculation arose that there could be a possible reunion. With all of the injuries along the defensive line currently, a healthy Fanene would no doubt provide quality depth and a veteran locker room presence that has been here for much of the Marvin Lewis era. However, Fanene is apparently suffering from several injuries himself.

It may not be a serious injury, and the Pats were confident in what they had and Fanene was simply expendable to them. He was transitioning into a completely different defensive scheme from what he played inCincinnatiunder Mike Zimmer, who utilized his talents perfectly. He was the perfect run-stuffing defensive end on running downs, and provided a great interior pass rush from the defensive tackle spot on passing downs. His versatility made him a valuable commodity, but the Bengals weren’t willing to give him the contractNew Englandwas offering him.

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