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Mid-Preseason Power Rankings

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It’s only the preseason, so any kind of power rankings are pretty much conjecture, but I’ve decided to take the risk and go for it anyway. These will be based partly on what they’ve done so far, but also on how I think they will do during the regular season. I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible, and any comments are welcome and greatly appreciated.

32. New York Jets-The Jets are just awful right now. They are about to have a quarterback controversy, while having no good QB on the roster. Their offensive line is going to get one of them killed, and it’s a circus atmosphere. It’s a disaster so far.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars-Yes, they’ve won both preseason games, but they still have a QB who was terrible last year, a running back who is holding out, and it could be a long year…again.

30. Cleveland Browns-Rookie QB (Brandon Weeden) check…Injuries (Trent Richardson and a host of others) check…Suspensions (Joe Haden probably) check..New owner, check..They’ve got it all.

29. Indianapolis Colts-There aren’t words to describe how good Andrew Luck has looked. They are still going to struggle. A lot.

28. Miami Dolphins-They’ll probably start Ryan Tannehill, but he won’t have a ton of support at the WR position. They’ll need a solid running game.

27. Minnesota Vikings-It’s all about Christian Ponder here. Can he take a giant leap forward? Will Adrian Peterson be healthy?

26. St. Louis Rams-They have to be better than last year, just based on being healthier. Steven Jackson can’t play forever. The defense has some nice pieces.

25. Oakland Raiders-They better hope Darren McFadden stays healthy. Carson Palmer hasn’t looked so grand. The secondary could struggle badly.

24. Arizona Cardinals-Kevin Kolb looks destined for the unemployment line, but is John Skelton a guy who can take a team on a playoff run? They have a solid run