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In Andy Dalton I Trust

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Last night’s beating by the Packers did nothing to curb my enthusiasm for the Bengals 2012 season. Last season the 49ers, Giants, and Patriots all lost their 3rd game and all managed to make it to the conference title games. It’s a guarantee that at some point on September 11th there will be an NFL show discussing how pre-season is meaningless. It happens every year.

The morning panic will be raised by Andy Dalton’s 5-17 40 yard performance. It’s nothing to panic about. This was just a flat performance from a young team in a practice game. I never questioned Andy’s arm strength. To me his worst habit is starting slow.

The guy has “IT”. “IT” is the ingredient that no scout has ever been able to identify. “IT” is what makes a dorky grocery bagger a Super Bowl MVP, or a bird legged, weak armed guy a four time Super Bowl champion. Dalton has that quality. The guy is a winner. If you look at his college record his teams improved each season. He started for TCU in 2008.

2008 – 11-2
2009 – 12-1
2010 – 13-0

At some point all stereotypes are broken right? Barack Obama is the President, Eminem is the best rapper, and Jeremy Lin is great at basketball. It’s just a matter of time before a redhead quarterback wins the Super bowl. That man will be Andy Dalton.