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Week in Review: All Over But The Shouting

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Special Teams

Long Snapper (1) – Clark Harris

Punter (1) – Kevin Huber

Kicker (1) – Mike Nugent

Current Total Special Teams: 3 Roster Spots

Total Team Roster Estimate: 50 of 53 Filled

Keep in mind, this final tally is with a 6-and-4 corner-to-safety ratio and with an 8-man linebacker corps; beefy, but not wholly uncommon in recent years for the Bengals. Also consider that while an 8-man rotation for the defensive front is accounted for, project ends or specialty tackles could be considered. Most overtly, the offensive line isn’t nearly as deep as it needs to be, something that will certainly eat at least one of those three remaining roster spots.

What’s going to be interesting to consider are not the names we’ve been seeing for the durations of the Bengals training camp, but rather the names of those at other training camps that will be released before their own final cuts. It’s not outrageous to think that the back-up Center or Guard will be acquired off waivers, nor is it crazy to think the Bengals will go position heavy with Pat Sims or Ryan Whalen just because they can if everything else falls into place. The only thing that is certain is that at this point, the depth of this roster is leaving very little room for prospective Bengals.

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