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Madden NFL 13 Review: R.I.P. Franchise Mode, A New ERA of Madden is Born.

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I’ll go ahead and start by stating the obvious. The new EA sports Madden NFL 13 is not perfect. And saying it’s not perfect is to say that it is not the Madden that you and I grew up with. At this point gone are the days of franchise mode and it has been replaced with the new Connected Careers and Ultimate Team game modes, which are pretty damn addicting in their own right.

Now I’m going to get philosophical for a minute, and just a minute before I talk about the gameplay. Connected Careers and Ultimate Team were designed to bring together a Madden community, something that the regular Franchise mode was unable to accomplish. Developers at EA Sports realized that replay value is the key to sales and a dominant sports game. The fact of the matter is most of us who played Franchise mode in the past would start one, never fully finish the 25 years it allowed us and eventually gave up on the game after Christmas.

This year I don’t think that will be the case. Connected Careers allows for an almost unlimited number of franchise modes that never end. The catch is you are no longer the dictator owner, but you are now a coach or player on the team and have to live up to Season and Weekly goals. Now at this point it may seem more like a job than a video game, I think that was the point. You can’t quit your job. You can’t stop showing up to your job. You can get fired from your job but you can’t quit. You can stop playing a video game whenever you want. Not only does Connected Careers have almost infinite replay value but you can already play online with other Madden fantatics. So now not only do you have a career but you have also created competition among others and that is the ultimate equation for replay of a video game, see Call of Duty.