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Madden NFL 13 Review: R.I.P. Franchise Mode, A New ERA of Madden is Born.

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Speaking of Ultimate, the new and improved Ultimate Team Mode is better then it has ever been. It’s no longer just a game mode for pumping money into to see who can buy the best team. Although Hank Steinbrenner would appreciate it, Joe the Plumber (me) did not. Now this year’s Ultimate Team can literally be built from scratch with their new offline challenges that allow you to assemble your team by competing legendary challenges, as well as preseason and regular season challenges for all 32 NFL teams. This allows you to earn a seemingly limitless amount of coins without using up all of your contracts, a detrimental flaw in last year’s game. In this year’s Ultimate Team everybody truly has the chance to build the Ultimate Dream Team, with or without your wallet.

Ok so it took me more than a minute to get to the actual gameplay. That’s only because the gameplay is nearly flawless. I really don’t have much else to say about it other than the new physics engine EA has been raving about has created the most realistic football video game experience ever made. It’s so real, I’d almost call it unreal how real it actually is. Almost gone are the 15 foot vertical linebackers and the defensive backs that cover half the field in an instant. Which is what gives important value to guys like Darelle Revis and Patrick Willis, who might be the most valuable player in the game because he takes away the entire middle of the field. Tackling graphics are so real that it is true when they say that no 2 plays are ever identical. Something is always different and something is always changing from play to play, regardless of the play selection. The only flaw of the game is sometimes it produces some outrageous cut scenes, players down on the field on all fours and falling over each other on their way back to the huddle. Though that complaint is nothing compared to the upside of this game. I don’t know what or other video game websites are rating this year’s Madden but I give it a 9.8, the highest rating I could possibly give a video game. This year to all those that have already purchased the game I say Happy Maddening and watch out for The Haitian 201 online, because he’s a morse baller.

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