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Cutdown Day: 6 Bengals Who Boosted Their Stock

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5. Jourdan Brooks

While anyone outside Ray Charles that tuned into the game last night saw that the Bengals look to have wasted a pick on running back Dan Herron. Much like last year’s failure, Baylor product Jay Finley, Herron looks to not even be worthy of a practice squad spot. He showed a tentative nature going into the hole, little to know power, and a plodding acceleration.

On the other hand, Jourdan Brooks, a running back that can also play fullback, was a sharp contrast to Herron. Brooks accelerated quickly and was decisive in his running. He hit the line of scrimmage at full speed and was, while not displaying outstanding vision, at least a hard-charging back that used his size to his advantage.

Maybe he isn’t active-roster material, but a shot at the practice squad is well-deserved.

6. Chris Lewis-Harris

Although the cornerback situation is all but set on the 53-man roster, Lewis-Harris has earned a ticket to the practice squad. He still needs some of the kinks ironed out, but shows the versatility that Mike Zimmer loves in playing press-man and zone coverage.

Lewis-Harris has fluid hips and change of direction ability when playing in man coverage. His recovery speed and closing ability serve him well in zone coverage. He can tackle well enough in the open field that he can give his man a cushion and quickly react as soon as the ball is thrown, arriving simultaneously.

With a roster full of aging cornerbacks and expiring contracts, Harris-Lewis could join next year’s youth movement, featuring Dre Kirkpatrick, Brandon Ghee and Shaun Prater.

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